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This shop is dedicated to books, videos and other material that you aren't going to find in your local bookmart. For books that are mass-market editions and widely distributed we suggest you check out our other bookstores for Canada Chapters bookstore and for the USA Barnes and Noble Both these shops will sell and ship overseas.

The materials that follow have a very limited distribution and in fact, some of them are only sold through the EJMAS bookstore.

If you have a book or a book idea that would fit into our bookstore please contact either Joseph Svinth (jsvinth@ejmas.com) or Kim Taylor (kataylor@ejmas.com).

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Videos from Bernie Lau

Cost is US $39.95 per tape. Washington State residents, please add sales tax (8.6%, or $3.45, per tape). If ordering all eight, the cost is $280. Washington State residents please add sales tax (8.6%, or $24.00). Regardless of number ordered, shipping and handling is $5.50 (North America) / $11.00 (international)
Dynamic Techniques of Aikijujutsu. 

Order EJMASlau-1

Starts out with police responding to a disturbance call, then plunges the viewer into an armed robbery involving a sawed-off shotgun. The viewer then enters a Shinto-style dojo and the instructional portion of the video begins. Covers finger locks, wrist and elbow locks, entering throws, escapes, and knife defenses. 
Aikijujutsu Complete I. 

Order EJMASlau-2

Covers locks, strikes, pressure points, nerve centers, projection throws, 26" baton, telescopic baton, iron fan, and 4’ staff. 
Aikijujutsu Complete II. 
Order EJMASlau-3
Describes techniques needed to obtain rankings between white (novice) and black (intermediate) belts.
Aikijujutsu Hiden. 
Order EJMASlau-4
Features Fredrick J. Lovret.
Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. 

Order EJMASlau-5

Rare historical footage filmed in 1943 that shows senior students of Seishiro "Henry" Okazaki performing 148 Danzan Ryu techniques in normal and slow speed. 
Advanced Aikijujutsu. 

Order EJMASlau-6

Features Wally Jay demonstrating Small Circle Jujitsu, James DeMile showing how to do Bruce Lee’s one and three inch punches, and Bernie Lau describing the theory and concepts of aikijutsu. Also includes footage of Morihei Ueshiba and Koichi Tohei. 
Explosive Aikijujutsu. 

Order EJMASlau-7

Street survival techniques for men and women. Features Bernie Lau, Roy Goldberg, Miguel Ibarra, Diane Hughes, and Mike Belzer. 
Police Weaponless Defense. 

Order EJMASlau-8

Footage from the previous tapes compiled into a specialized video. Includes hair control techniques, takedowns, finger locks, pistol and knife defenses, and fear control.

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