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Secret Traditions of the Ancient Japanese Martial Arts: Chúnen Butori Ryú Hiketsu o Tsutaeru

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Literally, "initiate into the mysteries of the art of Middle-aged Potbelly System," but really, nothing more than a longwinded list of things expected from middle-aged fat folks who pretend they still do martial arts.

(Catalogue of techniques)

Dono michi o itte-mo eki-ni-demasu (Whatever road you take, you will come to the station)

(Initial transmissions)

Six Pack Abs
Six-pack abs

(Initial secret transmissions)

in the dojo
In the dojo

(Intermediate transmissions)

unauthorized equipment for officials
Unauthorized equipment for officials

(Intermediate secret transmissions)

Death Touch Chart
Never-before-revealed delayed death touch chart

(Advanced transmissions)

Secret Hand Sign
Secret hand sign of the Masters

Chúnen Butori Ryú Go-rin no sho

Literally, "the Middle-aged Potbelly System’s Book of Five Spheres," the following are skills needed to achieve very high ranks in Chúnen Butori Ryú, or Middle-Age Fat Folks’ Style. (Any resemblance to the policies and practices of any organizations associated with national or international sport is purely coincidental.)

Yama Bu-Shi
(The pile of Bu-Shi)

Yama Bu-Shi no Himitsu
(Secret teachings of the pile of Bu-Shi)

Black Belts to go
Black belts to go

(Literally "the mountain goblin," but more colloquially translated as someone with his nose in the air; e.g., an egotist)

Tengu no Himitsu
(The egotist’s secrets)


Cleaning up the bushi
Cleaning up the Bu-Shi

Copies of these rules printed on quality paper and suitable for presentation to Grandmasters are available for purchase, as are additional Middle-aged Fat Folk paraphernalia. Write for availability and details. chunen student (unidentified student of the art, captured by hidden camera)
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