What Is a Combative Sport?

 Combative sports are physically aggressive athletic games. Individual combative sports such as boxing, wrestling, and fencing essentially mimic dueling while team combative sports such as football, ice hockey, and lacrosse essentially mimic small unit warfare.

 Whether individual or team, combative sports serve a variety of individual and social purposes. For example, many people play these games simply because they can. Some people use them to acquire or teach methods of confidence or trickery not otherwise taught in school. And of course there are those people who use these games for reasons of ego, pride, and self or national aggrandizement.

 The purpose of this journal is to celebrate the range and diversity of the world’s individual combative sports. What gets posted will be limited solely by the quality and range of articles, book reviews, manuscripts, and translations received. Right now we’re somewhat limited by what’s available, but with your help our only problem will be deciding which articles to post, and when.

 Your submissions are solicited.

Joseph R. Svinth,