War-Blinded Captain Boxes to Draw with One-legged Major

Japan Times, January 31, 1927, 8

Journal of Combative Sport January 2000

BRIGHTON, England, Jan. 2 (A.P.) -- A blind captain boxing a one-legged major, both wounded in the war, was the feature of a ring contest here for the benefit of the Royal Sussex County Hospital. The event was a draw.

Although he is an all around sportsman, swimmer, diver and enthusiastic follower of beagles, this was Captain Gerald Lowrey's first public appearance as a boxer. Explaining after the match how it was possible to keep trace of his opponent or where his opponent was going to hit him, the Captain said:

"A man blinded as I was, straight off and not by gradual disease, can develop a sort of sixth sense. It seems to be partly acute hearing, partly acute sensitiveness to touch. My opponent must breathe and that tells me where he is and helps me to guess what he is thinking about as much as if I could watch his eye. And when it comes to in-fighting, I am not handicapped at all. With my superior sense of touch I believe I even have an advantage."

His opponent was Major Micky Leahy, who lost his leg at Mons.

JCS Jan 2000