The Great Enablers

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The dictionary defines enable as "to provide with the means or opportunity; to make possible, practical, or easy." Learning the martial arts is never easy, but the people listed below helped the process become possible or practical for many of us. Thus they are Great Enablers, and we are proud to include their stories and letters here.

Additional information, stories, and photos are solicited.

Donn F. Draeger

Ali vs Inoki
A Bibliography
On Safari SE Asia
Publishing Asian Fighting Arts

An excerpt from R.W. Smith's book concerning D.F. Draeger is at

Ernest J. Harrison

A Resume of My Chequered Career
On Robert W. Smith’s long out-of-print A Complete Guide to Judo
E.J. Harrison to R.W. Smith: April 12, 1953
Japanese Terms Used in Judo, 1951
Pronunciation of Judo Terms
Harrison in Yokohama
The Mutts and the Mochi Cakes (

Lafcadio Hearn

An enabler if ever there were one; here is a link for more research
Gunji Koizumi
Contest Judo, 1951
Budokwai history link

Trevor Leggett

Books Web Site
Judo in Japan (a link to the Budokwai site, read the rest of the page too)
Live Movement and Dead Movement
Robert W. Smith
A Man of Letters
Asian Fighting Arts letter from Kodansha
A Bibliography


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