Vol 1, Nov. 1999

Original Submissions

AIKIDO: Aikido Comes to America: September 1935: Joseph R. Svinth (11/99)

BOXING: Robert "Ripper" Takeshita: Joseph Svinth (11/99)

JUDO: Learning More About the History of North American Judo: Joseph R. Svinth (11/99)

Reprinted Articles

BIOGRAPHY: A Résumé of My Chequered Career: E.J. Harrison (11/99)

JUDO: Letters to R.W. Smith: Donn Draeger (11/99)
JUDO: Judo in Japan: Trevor Leggett (11/99)

JUJUTSU: Girls Expert in Jiujitsu: Japan Times & Mail (11/99)
JUJUTSU: Jujitsu versus Boxing: Japan Times (11/99)

KENDO: Bushido Defined: The Code of Moral Principles: Kinya Okajima (11/99)

WRESTLING: Gotch in Talk of Dawson: The Yukon World (11/99)

WUSHU: Chinese Athletes of Wuchang: North China Herald (11/99)

Book Reviews

On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman Reviewed by Joseph R. Svinth (11/99)


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