Vol 2, Feb. 2000
ISSN 1492-1650

Original Submissions

WRESTLING: Japanese American Wrestlers at the University of Washington, 1911-1942: Joseph R. Svinth (01/00)

JUDO: Doing Judo at the Korean Yudo Association, December 1959: Jon Bluming (11/99)

Reprinted Articles

BOXING: War-Blinded Captain Boxes to Draw with One-legged Major: Japan Times (01/00)

KYUDO: Japanese Archery, Similar to Golf, Requires Plenty of Patience, Skill: Japan Times and Mail (12/99)

JUDO: How Seattle's Sons of Old Japan Practice Jiu-Jitsu: The Seattle Sunday Times (12/99)
JUDO: The Principles of Jiu-Jitsu: Japan Times (12/99)

WUSHU: Chinese Girl Athletes: North China Herald (12/99)
WUSHU: Chinese Girl Athletes, Form and Fascination: North-China Herald (02/00)


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