Vol 3, Dec 2000
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ISSN 1492-1650
Editor: Joseph Svinth

Original Submissions

Boxing: The Exemplar of the Piston Attack: The Imperial Japanese Boxer Tsuneo Horiguchi: Joseph R. Svinth (02/00)

Judo: The Beast of Amsterdam: Jon Bluming (03/00)

Sumo: Sumo, the Japanese Wrestling, from Japanese Sources: H. Tittle trans. J. Svinth (06/00)

Boxing: Tsuneshi Maruo, A Hawaiian Boxing Champion (07/00)

Boxing: Death under the Spotlight: The Manuel Velasquez Boxing Fatality Collection: JSvinth (07/00)

Capoeira: Many Things at Once: An Introduction to Capoeira: Rodrigues and Svinth (08/00)

Training: Budo Training in Japan: Jon Bluming, (08/00)

Boxing: A California Nisei Boxer: Thomas Yamaoka: Yamaoka, (09/00)

Judo: Professor Yamashita Goes to Washington: Joseph Svinth (10/00)

Hawaii Boxing: Johnny Yasui (10/00)

Judo Encino Judo: The Early Years: Mark F. Feigenbaum (11/00)

Nisei Boxer: Fred Egawa: Joseph R. Svinth (11/00)

Karate: KARATE IN BRAZIL -- AN OVERVIEW: Alcantara and Rodrigues (12/00)

Boxing: Fatalities in Hawaii, December 7, 1941 Svinth et al. (12/00)

Reprinted Articles

JUJUTSU: The Fearful Art of Jiu Jitsu: Robert Edgren (03/00)

KARATE: Master Choki Motobu, 'A Real Fighter' :Graham Noble (02/00)

JUDO: Memories of Jigoro Kano's Visit to the London Budokwai in August 1933: Trevor Leggett (03/00)

KARATE: Masters of the Shorin-ryu: Chotoku Kyan: By Graham Noble (08/00)

JUDO: Judo and its Masters: Mifune (09/00)

Special Section on Judo Training in Japan Before WWII:Sarah Mayer

An Englishwoman's Description of Learning Judo in Japan: Letters from Sarah Mayer to Gunji Koizumi, 1934-1935, Part I. (02/00)

Part II (03/00)

Part III (04/00)

Part IV (end) (05/00)

Book Review:

Robert W. Smith, Martial Musings: A Portrayal of Martial Arts in the 20th Century. Reviewed by Joseph R. Svinth


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