Pen is Mightier Than Sword -- So is Six-Shooter

From Japan Times, November 13, 1927, page 1

Journal of Non-lethal Combatives, December 1999

A burglar who tried to frighten a priest at the Isogo-ku, Mine, Enkaizanji Temple, Yokohama, early Friday morning [November 11], got pretty well frightened himself and not by any supernatural methods either.

The burglar, armed with a long sword, aroused Unkei Rokuura, a priest, and brandishing his weapon, demanded money immediately.

The priest told the burglar to wait a moment until he went in the next room and got some.

The burglar waited and the priest returned carrying a revolver.

The marauder decided then and there that like the pen, the revolver was mightier than the sword, and was last seen making a frantic retreat from the temple grounds.

JNC Dec 1999.