Journal of Non-lethal Combatives


Publisher:  Kim Taylor

Executive editor:  Joseph R. Svinth

Announcement of vacancy:

Associated editors

Description of position:

Associated editors are technical experts. The position does not require them personally to write articles or work with layout. Instead technical editors read submissions received by the publisher or editor and then respond regarding the technical merit of those submissions.  The position is non-paying and offers no benefits save helping the publisher and editor produce a better series of electronic journals.

For our purposes, academic credentials and life experience count about equally. So, rather than holders of fancy certificates or diplomas, our associated editors will be talented individuals who:

  Care about other people.
  Have their egos on a leash.
  Prefer knowing why to  rote memorization.
  Are sensitive to opposing viewpoints and multicultural issues.
  Are interested in documenting facts rather than repeating rhetoric.
  Perhaps most importantly, have the courage to do what they believe to be right rather than what they know to be expedient.
If  you meet these standards and are interested in putting your time and sweat where your mouth is, then send a letter of interest to the editor or publisher.

JNC Nov 1999.