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HF's Return

Dear JWMA,

I am happy to see the Hammerterz Forum returning, and updated and new articles from it appearing on the website. And new versions of Stephen Hand's Saviolo articles and a few gems from Chris.

I fondly remember finding the magazine and contacting Chris and finding out not only were the others who were interested in the western traditions, but fonts of learning and sources of acerbic wit. I hope Chris produces new articles for JWMA in the spirit of the old.

Steve Hick
Falls Church, VA, USA
April 4, 2003

Amberger and Hand's Articles

Dear JWMA,

Thank you for the continued quality of the articles in the journal. Mr. Amberger's article on reconstruction of ancient martial arts was not only of great interest to me but was also a joy to read as well. I especially liked the section on Greece and Rome.

Equally as interesting are the articles by Mr. Hand. Even though Saviolo's fencing treatise was written in English, not all are comfortable reading Shakespearean era English. Mr. Hand's comments inter-mixed with the original text definitely help in the understanding of this fencing treatise.

I look forward to seeing more and varies articles.

William E. Wilson
Dean - Tattershall School of Defense, AZ, USA
April 14, 2003

Great Collection of Articles

Dear JWMA,

Thanks for making a great collection of articles available online. Although all of them are excellent, I was particularly impressed by those written by Messrs. Hand and Amberger. In the case of the latter, the articles led me not just to order his book, but also to track down some of the older sources alluded to in his essays.

Please keep up the good work, a resource like this is a wonderful asset to the WMA community.

Michael Rasmusson
Toronto, ON, Canada
April 29, 2003

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