Physical Training May 2005
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Recipe for Fitness Tracy Orzechowski
By Tracy Orzechowski

Training and Eating for Two

First off I would like to start out by saying that I am not a pre-natal specialist and I would always recommend speaking with a Health Care Professional before beginning any new exercise or nutrition plan.

Tracy Orzechowski
I began my journey of training for two just after Christmas.  Prior to Christmas I had been bugging my husband to purchase a pregnancy test as my cycle was late, but I had no symptoms.  I didn’t think that I was pregnant but I wanted to double check.  He managed to postpone the purchase as he had his own plan to put a test in my stocking thinking that if I were pregnant it would be special to find out on Christmas day.  To our delight and surprise the test was positive!  I made an appointment with my physician just after the Christmas holidays and he confirmed that indeed I was pregnant and he estimated I was already 24 weeks. I was scared at first thinking that I had been training hard and heavy to try and put on size before the next years competitive season. I was scheduled for an ultrasound and it was confirmed that I was 21 weeks 3 days pregnant, the baby was healthy, and my due date May 25th.  You're probably wondering how could you not know you were pregnant?  I had competed in a Figure show in late July so I figured my body was adjusting and my cycle would return when my body fat increased, and my cycle hadn’t been regular since coming off the pill over a year and a half ago.

I wanted to continue training and eating healthy but I wasn’t sure what I should and shouldn’t do.  I spoke to my doctor and his advice was that I could continue doing what my body was used to doing, and the only things I was to avoid were gymnastics, high impact sports, and scuba diving.  I was told to listen to my body and stay well hydrated.  This didn’t help me with designing a routine for the gym so I began my own research through magazines, health pamphlets, and internet sites and eventually it lead to this article which I hope will shed some light on the subject for any new mothers out there.

My Basic Routine:

Please note I have been training for a long time, this routine will be too much for a beginner.  I use lighter weight aiming for 12-15 reps and not going to failure on any set.  Always do warm up sets and/or warm up on a treadmill for a minimum of 5 minutes.

I try to perform Cardio 4 days a week by walking a minimum of 20 minutes outside or on treadmill.
Day One – Legs & Chest
Day Two – Back/Rear Delts
Day Three – Shoulders & Calves
Day Four – Arms
Meal Plan:

It is advised that you increase your calories by a minimum of 300 calories a day late in the pregnancy as your metabolism speeds up; also remember to account for calories burned during exercise.

I take a prenatal vitamin (with folic acid), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and a Calcium Supplement.I avoid caffeine and limit my aspartame consumption.

I have Saturday as my cheat day and I indulge in whatever I want.  During the week I try to maintain a healthy diet with plenty of calcium, vegetables, and fruit with the occasional treat when desired.

Meal One
Meal Two
Meal Three
Meal Four
Meal Five
After Training
 Common Pregnancy Complaints/Symptoms & Possible Cures:

Nausea –

Recognize triggers (ie perfume, spicy food)
Eat small frequent meals to avoid low blood sugar
Drink Flat Coke or Gingerale
Have saltine crackers by your bedside
Take plenty of fluids
Eat a diet high in protein and complex carbs
Take a prenatal vitamin
Avoid Tobacco
Eat before nausea strikes
Get Extra Sleep
Take things slow in the morning
Minimize Stress
Try Sea Bands worn on both wrists

Fatigue –

Get plenty of rest and take a nap when needed
Exercise to improve circulation and oxygen in the blood to give you more energy
Eat a healthy Diet
Check that you’re getting plenty of iron, protein, and calories
Check your environment – air quality, noise levels


Relax to ease tension and stress
Try Meditation or Yoga
Get Enough Rest
Eat Regularly (to avoid hunger headaches caused by low blood sugar)
Avoid Loud Environments
Get some fresh air by going for a walk outdoors
For Sinus Problems use hot and cold compresses
Use proper Posture
Contact physician if headache persists for a few hours and are accompanied by visual disturbances, fever, puffiness in hands and/or feet.


Drink plenty of water
Eat slowly
Chew food thoroughly
Avoid gas-producing foods (beans, spicy food, sweets, carbonated beverages, broccoli)
Avoid gaining too much weight
Don’t wear tight clothing around abdomen
Don’t smoke
Sleep with head elevated 6 inches

I strongly believe that my healthy approach to pregnancy through diet and exercise has helped me feel good, gain the recommended weight guidelines without too much unwanted weight gain, have a healthy blood preassure, and to date I only experienced morning sickness once.

Post pregnancy workouts can usually be initiated 4-6 weeks after vaginal birth, 6-8 weeks following a surgical birth but always get clearance from your physician or midwife.

Recommended reading/Where I got some of my info:  What to expect when you'rer expecting, Advice for Active Pregnancy, produced by Public Health. Prenatal Class Info/Brochures, Oxygen & Fitness Magazine

Stay tuned for Part Two – My post baby plan on getting in shape.

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Tracy Orzechowski is a 24-year-old Fitness enthusiast who’s been competing in Fitness Competitions for the past 4 years.  She is 5’ 7” tall and weighs 140 lbs. competition weight, and 150 lbs. off-season.  She is currently qualified to compete at the Canadian National Level competitions and is presently looking for opportunities for print work and fitness modeling.  Tracy is a contributing writer to and Physical Training: Fitness for combatives and is seeking a contract with a supplement company and modeling agency to help  pursue her passion and love for the sport. Her competition goal is to compete and place top three at the 2003 Canadian National Fitness & Figure Championships. Tracy states: "I encourage everyone to set goals for themselves and to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to with patience, persistence and determination." Her hobbies are; working out, hiking, reading, and watching movies.

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Physical Training May 2005