Physical Training Dec 2000

A Moment with Martin

By Martin Dixon Martin Dixon

So you want to do new things in your club?

The way things are going these days with litigation, the law, and health and safety regulations, we have to be very aware of proper procedures in our clubs. Sometimes a student/ Instructor may see something advertised, like a new form of fighting or sparring, and is tempted to have a go or introduce it into his class. This can have dramatic repercussions if an injury occurs, to both the individual, the Instructor (who has a duty of care!) and His Instructor who may be sued for vicarious liability!!!You know Insurances Companies, If they can wriggle off the hook they will!

The answer is to develop a "Diverse Criteria" plan. This may go some ways into discouraging someone who hasn't even discovered the depth of their own Martial art (before heading off in trendy directions). And go some way toward protecting the innocent. The following may help you frame your own plan.

Suggested Criteria for the involvement of  Diverse Activities within a Martial Arts Association/ Club/ School.

1. Written permission for the Association Coach to carry out a study of the proposed diverse activity.

2. After receiving a positive response to number 1, a fully documented portfolio should be produced describing in full detail all movements, principles, benefits, aspects appertaining to the law and Health and Safety in accordance with of the activity.

3. Video evidence complimenting the portfolio of the diverse activity should then be forwarded to the Association Coach who will present it to the Technical Committee of the Association or Governing Body.

4. The Technical Committee will make a decision based on the evidence presented and may also request the attendance of the proposers.

5. The Technical Committee decision is final although this does not waive the proposers right of appeal.

6. In the event of an appeal the proposer may bring in other evidence and witnessís to support the diverse activity.

7. After the appeals procedure the decision of the appeals panel is final.

8. The appeal panel shall consist of Chair of Technical Committee and two Technical Officers. A Layperson, A professional person on law and a stenographer.

9. The proposer shall meet all expenses incurred.

This agreement does not contravene the human rights act of...

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Physical Training Dec 2000