Physical Training Apr 2003
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Strive to Achieve
by Lubna Kirvana Strive to Achieve by Lubna Kirvana

Turning your Dream into Reality: Part I

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Happiness, success, a loving relationship, financial security, travel, good health and a long life are some of the things which we all desire. Universally most of us want the same things. The question is how to achieve all of this and more. Can you have it all? Some folks say donít be greedy, you canít  have everything, be happy with what you have. Yes! I agree with that, we should be happy with what we have in our lives and live in the moment, but that doesnít mean we canít take steps to achieve a more enriched, satisfying life. What are the secrets of turning your dream life into reality?

From kindergarten to getting our Ph.D., we learn about everything in the world except what is really important to us. The list of what we desire would be the same, but the priorities we arrange it in can differ from one individual to another. Health is my first priority, what is yours? Get a pen and paper right now and start your own list of what is the most important to you. Not what society tells you, or your parents/friends, but according to your own nature, by your own nature I mean, what does your heart desire, what is your gut feeling telling you, trusting your instincts. It can be buying a BMW, sitting in your back yard having a beer at 6am, or travelling the whole world. Whatever you desire in your life, write it down. The first step to living an enriched, happy life is to know what you want.

You have made the list, but reading it makes you scratch your head in confusion. You are thinking, Ok! I want to do all this, but I donít have money. To make money I have to get up 6:00am to catch the 6:30 bus, I donít have time to eat, I make it to work, spend 10 hours with people I donít actually care for and some I dislike. I have to be nice to them, my boss is being demanding, I have to tolerate him, I need the job, I need the money. I come home, pick up take-out if I have enough energy left, no time for exercise as I have to do this all over again tomorrow. The list lies on the side table, it's unrealistic to dream, how can it ever come true. It can. How? By first believing in your dream, and also realizing that there are many ways of making money. In order to enjoy every moment of your precious life, YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. Go back to your childhood memories, who did you want to be, firefighter, writer, doctor? The toys you liked, the things which made your heart beat faster, all your childhood memories will give you an indication of what you are good at and what you are really meant to do. Once you realize how you what to spend your 8-10 hours of working life, do research on the career you have chosen, talk to people about it, spread the word to everyone from your neighbours to your friends about what you want to do. Read about it, meet people who are already in that field. If you don't see an opportunity in that field in a company, work  freelance. Every day take one small step to making your dream career into reality, keeping on going until you achieve it. In the meantime, keep a job which will fulfill your financial needs and allow interaction with people, so you can tell more people what you really what to do. Sometimes we meet people who can help us in our path, the universal works in mysterious ways. Once you put effort and belief into your goals, great things will eventually come your way.

All of us are given 24 hours, 1440 minutes a day, to enjoy each moment of our lives. Keeping the mind in the present moment helps us notice the small things in our lives, things that bring us joy. Every day, no matter how much we plan, we experience different emotions, people, and challenges. Its up to us how we react to what life throws our way. Whether itís a customer being unreasonable or a warm hug, learn to cherish whatever comes your way, see your life as a movie, a nice blend of comedy, adventure, drama, romance and sorrow. Once we stop reacting and trying to control our life, it will automatically became easier and so much more fun. Nobody or no situation can make us feel miserable or stressed until and unless we allow it to effect us. Everything passes away, illness, sorrow, joy and happiness. As seasons change so do our circumstances, it has been said that sometimes bad things happen to good people, actually itís a matter of perception, the bad things are just lessons we needed to learn to evolve, and be the fabulous person we are right now.

Technology enhancement, fast-paced cities, and busy lifestyles, are leaving less room for us to be spontaneous and take chances. Common complains nowadays include, "I find it's so hard to meet people, or find the right person for an amazing relationship", "Oh! I hate this city, but I'm still living here", "My relationship is causing me so much stress, but I'm still dragging it around after two years". We blame other people for the life we have right now. Taking full responsibility for what happens in our lives will give us the tools to make wonderful experiences happen. Take chances, if you donít like the neighbourhood where you are living, MOVE, even change cities. Making changes and taking risks, is what makes us grow as a person and is the key to a more satisfying life. My yoga guru once told me there are only two emotions we operate with LOVE OR FEAR, to live a happy and fulfilling life everything you do should be based from LOVE rather than FEAR. So! Ask that guy out, smile and look people in the eye, open a door for that old lady, have an ice cream, sing, dance, do what your heart desires without any fear. As you only live once, take this wonderful chance today.

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