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Strive to Achieve
by Lubna Kirvana Strive to Achieve by Lubna Kirvana

Turning your Dream Life into Reality: Part II

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In the last article, I gave some basic clues for you to believe, follow, live,  your dream, your dream of turning your present life into the life you only dream of, having it ALL.

If you are one of those one in a trillion individuals who is contented with your life right now, your health, your career, your relationships, your personality, your habits, if you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your life, Wow! Good for you, I am genuinely happy for you, please whenever you get a chance, I would love if you could write to me and tell me what your secret is.

Now for the rest of us, who need some balancing, have some transforming, some achieving to do, first of all we must recognize we are all different, we all have different priorities, different needs. What can make one happy might be unimportant to the other.

On the note of celebrating our individuality, this article will give you a tiny key, will show the hallway towards your desired life, walking on that hallway and using the key to open the door, is your choice and totally up to you, knowing all of us have the power to create what makes us happy.

So here we go! Some words, some thoughts, which can make a difference.


Trust, what does this word mean to you?
Trust, what comes to your mind when you picture this word, whose face, what kind of situation comes to your mind?
Trust, keeping it close to you, as itís an extremely important aspect in everybodyís journey towards eternal happiness.

The first and foremost person you should Trust is YOU.

Trusting yourself means a lot of things, lots more than what we experience on a daily bases, trusting your intuition, gut feeling, inner voice, trusting your ability to make your own decisions.


Trust in what you believe, not what your parents, society, lover, spouse, books, boss, tell you to. We are all here in this world for different reasons, we are all at a different level of soul evolution, You are the only one who knows whatís best for you, whether it's moving to another city, changing careers or telling your mom you are gay, trust that decision to do so.

Be proud of who you are, be honest to yourself and others, trust in this truth, that you will be loved for exactly who you are. Trust yourself to live your truth & let anyone go who doesnít respect it.


We have all heard these words before. Everybody has the ability to dream big, bigger and better, thoughts do contain power, but this power canít be channelled if there is no action applied to them.

Thinking big, imagining you are a modern Buddha, sitting under a tree hoping things will happen in your life that's in a state of stagnation and inertia will only attract birds to shit on your shoulders.

First and foremost get aware of your vision. After a clear picture is created in the mind of what you want to achieve, put fire to it, in the form of POSITIVE ACTION, TIME/ENERGY, with PATIENCE.

PATIENCE is extremely important in making things work for you, as most people and circumstances donít work on the same clock we have, so PATIENCE and more of it helps in making anything larger than Universal, achievable.


Sometimes we get so caught up in the rush of our lives that we canít see the wonderful stuff around us. As you know, like many other things inner happiness is also a state of mind, you can be miserable, because things are not quite as you would like them to be, itís a matter of perception, its your choice to live under a gloomy cloud everyday. Perhaps untill Mr. Soul Mate knocks on the door, 'till this incident takes place you refuse to allow yourself to be happy.

Even if that knock is not heard for a while you still can be a joyful puppy every day by enjoying what you have within yourself. Your life and amazing experiences are all around you to explore. Be grateful for what you have and this will give you a clear idea of what else you truly need to add or subtract in your life.

Life donít get better if you whine about it. We all have periods of being on the down side of the hill. Trust, have faith, you will soon be on top, be grateful, even while things are not exactly how you want them to be since you might still have a lot going on which you can be thankful for. If you canít seem to find anything in your life to be grateful about, letís try a small experiment.

Gratitude will be flowing in your blood stream after this experience


Letís pick up the book, or go on the net, and try first phase of Dr. Atkins Diet for two weeks.
Dear Dr. Atkins, god bless his soul, along with the years of research behind his diet, also left a fine lesson in gratitude, his diet is an amazing way to start appreciating your existence.

So letís do it, only eat protein, greens and fat for the next two weeks, like our lean ancestors used to.

Now after two weeks of eating fish, chicken, or any good source of protein cooked in good olive oil, with salad greens. On the fifteenth day, have a small strawberry, a tiny red strawberry.

Wow! the sweetness of a single berry will open all your senses, the taste, the smell, the sight of it, on occasion some people would be able to hear the berry too. Itís the sugar talking to you, which you didnít have for a whole two weeks, this experiment, if done correctly, makes us appreciate the small things in our lives which we are taking for granted. If all these small pleasures in our lives are connected together, we might be able to see the shades of our inner happiness more clearly.


Are you aware of how you think? Why do you feel things which are hard to explain? Do you deny your emotions? Do you have a hard time explaining how you really feel? Whatís the nature of your thought patterns?

Thoughts fuel our ability to create and manifest our desired reality.

How we think says a lot about how we feel about everything as thoughts and feelings are connected. If you donít feel great one day, your thoughts will be in a similar state.

In the advanced levels of Yoga, students are taught how to only allow thoughts in their mind which will benefit their well-being. Train your mind to just have useful and positive thoughts, nothing else, yes! I know, its so easy to say, rather than do, but believe me, if you practise, giving yourself some quiet time for 30 minutes to an hour everyday, noticing the flow of your thoughts, practising to tune in only to the beneficial mind frame, by doing this on a regular basis, one day, you will be in charge of your own Thought Pattern.

Till that mastery is achieved, you can practise acknowledging and accepting your feelings, realizing the root of their creation, and dissecting the nature of these feelings.

Now keep the ones which develop themselves into thoughts contributing towards a sense of calm toward your well-being, and try to let go of the ones which just pop up like an on-line advertisement, which you have seen millions of times and are useless, (yes! those negative feelings like self pity, self-doubt, envy, hatred) hindering your path toward creating your own happiness.

How do you release these negative thought patterns?  Depends on you, it can be as simple as talking to a trustworthy friend about it, or writing about it, it can be released by meditation or maybe a discipline like yoga, whichever way you choose (except over-eating), the sooner you go through this inner vacuuming and open your mind for fresh and positively happy mindset, the faster you will flow towards manifesting your dream life, as  positive attracts positive, so if you are happy, giving out a zestful energy, thatís what you will attract, in the form of people, experiences, success, resulting in expansion of your own inner happiness.


Apart from other things, Life is also about balancing aspects of ones life which are important to you, most common among these are, career, good health, loving relationships, financial abundance, time to pursue your passions, loud times, quiet times, and the pleasures of our senses (food, sex, forms of stimulation, and music).

Some of you just have time for one aspect, in most cases its WORK, to make money, have financial security, shopping, all of which is great, but you can have this and more, in fact you can have it all. BalanceÖif we donít balance all these aspects, just focus on one or two aspects you will be missing out a lot of color in the canvas of your life.

Efficiency, it's not difficult to practise. You donít have to kill yourself at work, if you are a workaholic, stop being one right now, as it aint gonna do you good, missing out on all life has to offer=brain dead at the age of 35.

Turning your dream life into reality is first of all, knowing what is important to you, and than adding in a touch of balance to all its aspects.
If work is the only thing important to you, please think again and  meditate on it for 5 minutes, are you running away from something, someone or from yourself, using work to hide, or (sorry! this might sound judgemental to a few) are you too damn materialistic? If the answer is yes (honey! You canít take it to the grave with you), people who have had near death experiences, say the only things which come to their mind when they are almost near death, are the memorable loving moments in their life,

So, try to spend less time at work, and focus on those aspects you are neglecting. Is it your health, social life, did you also want to learn a new language, or travel or learn how to make perfect brownies. Do whatever it takes to make you feel more alive, its in your hands to make it happen.

But balance it, don't go from one extreme to the other, as nothing in life is BLACK & WHITE

From dieting to bingeing
From being a workaholic to a gypsy
From being a spendthrift to a miser
From being a virgin to a slut

You get the picture, moderation and balance, according to who you, are formulate to a saner/happier presence in your world.

Balance & Moderation is a glass of wine, instead of gulping the whole bottle.
Eating whole food, small, tasty portions, rather than eating pasta like there is no tomorrow.
Moderately spending on different aspects of life, rather than buying an SUV on your credit card, when you have no money to buy groceries.

In order to turn your dream life into reality, you have to juggle all aspects in your life, with balls of balance and moderation.


ďfailure can lay in your road to success, if you refuse changeĒÖ.Lubna

By nature, everything is changing by moments, even our celluar structure, from our childhood to ageing, our bodies, our thought process, the people we meet, the people we like and than start disliking, our taste, the way we dress, the food we like to eat, how and where we want to live, our needs and wants, all change from time to time.

Acknowledging that we have to embrace change within ourselves, in order to create the dream life we desire, ask yourself "whatís stopping me from having the life I desire"? There can be million of excuses attached to this question, you know better than anyone what the road blocks are.

Is it Money?Öif Yes, than get a job, if you canít find a job, learn a skill from which you can make money.

Is it Love?Öif Yes, you can't control someone elseís feelings, only yours. If you want to meet someone, than like everything else, its about putting time/effort in it, by being more social, approachable, open minded, by giving people who are not your type (from GQ magazine perhaps) a chance, as you never know, the geeky guy at the coffee shop, without his glasses on, wearing a cleaner t-shirt, and more relaxed, can be your dream guy, as he is smart, sexy with his glasses on, funny and can make a wicked martini .

What I am trying to say in all these words is, if you really want to evolve, to create a life were happiness is pouring like tap water, it is achievable, you have to first believe that it is, than believe in yourself, as you have the power and strength to make anything come true.

Before I stop writing, I would suggest, in order become more aware of your needs and the reasons behind them, getting a journal or use your computer/lap top, to write everyday, about your goals, dreams, ways of achieving than, your feelings too, as it will be a better way of releasing your emotion than eating a tub of ice-cream. It will keep you leaner in the long run.
I wish best of luck to you all, keep on dreaming everyday, believing everyday, taking steps everyday towards your dream life and one of these days it will manifest itself into reality. Hallelujah to that, oops, sorry Amen! To that.

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Lubna Kirvana owes Strive Fitness, her freelance services include the Yatna program, one on one or group yoga, physical training and nutrition counselling at the convenience of your home, office or at EPIC, one of the most chic gyms in downtown Toronto.

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