Physical Training Sept 2001

The Fit Kick

By Bill Whedon

Making The Most Of Your Workout

Time is a precious commodity, as is fitness.  We want to remain fit, but we also need time to do other things with our lives.  Some people put fitness ahead of everything else, and become "gym rats", spending endless hours pumping iron, running treadmills, doing Nautilus circuits, etc.  But most of us want "real lives" beyond the gym.  Of course, we also want to look and feel good while living those lives.  Here's a plan to give you the best of both worlds...

Bill Whedon is the owner of World Fitness. He has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 1994. He presently teaches aerobics at several sites, trains individuals who have a need but little money, and programs computers for a living. Bill lives in Lawson, MO.

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Physical Training Sept 2001