Since I began carrying a camera along side me again, lots of things have happened that I never dreamed of. I’m also carrying out lots of dreams, letting them be seen.

I like to let my mind wander when creating images. What’s most important is that the images show what’s real… in expression, mood, emotion, and movement. I’ve learned lots of photography “rules”, which make sense, but my life has not always been about following the rigid line.

I’m always open to ideas, even on a shoot. From my assistants, to those I’m photographing. Shoot lots… lots of stuff. Photograph what you love, as well as subjects that hold a lesser interest. Don’t worry about the camera (big or small), but what you see. Have fun, otherwise it gets to be too serious (I don’t like stress). Oh yeah, lighting… use it in the best possible way, whatever it may be… natural, studio. Work on lighting. In one of my favorite photos, I used a light bulb in a coffee mug, a point and shoot, and the results were beautiful. When I think of this I’m reminded that you don’t need formal training or the best equipment in photography. All you need is vision, passion and the attitude of no boundaries and you will be successful.

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