The Iaido Journal  June 2000

2000 Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts

By Deborah Klens-Bigman

Well, not to brag, but I just returned from U. of Guelph for Kim sama's annual Japanese sword fest. In spite of a lower turnout than we had last year, I had a great time.  Actually, a lower turnout meant more attention from all the teachers, which I tried to take full advantage of.
Marion Taylor
Ray Sosnowski and Phil Ortiz
At the kyudo workshop on Friday, we had perfect weather for outdoor shooting-- Sunny/cloudy and not too warm or windy.  Contrary to some more crowded kyudo sessions, I was able to hold onto the same set of equipment, and had the attention of not one, but TWO instructors, all day long.

Click for Kyudo mpg, the release


The Friday panel on spirituality in the martial arts created some lively discussion with the audience, even beyond the endurance of the panel, who started to feel real thirsty after awhile.  Fortunately, we eventually adjourned to Gryph's pub across the street for more, uh,
Tendo-ryu, Yamauchi and Tanaka
Yamauchi and Tanaka sensei demonstrating Tendo-ryu
ZNNR kata, Yamauchi and Tanaka
ZNNR kata
I spent Sat. and Sun. with not one but two excellently qualified naginata teachers, and I even got an hour or so to do some sword swinging on my own, a rare occurrence.  

Click here for Tendo-ryu Naginata mpg

David Cvet describing 14th Century armour to the crowd
Measuring the distance
Close quarters
The Saturday demo was even more varied than usual, since it featured some medieval European swordplay in addition to various iaido ryu, naginata, etc., etc.

Click here for western mpg video 1, metal swords and armour, good hit to the side

Click here for western mpg video 1, demonstrating some half sword work

Click here for western mpg video 1, an exchange and re-measure


Peter Boylan, Shinto Hatakage-ryu iai
Deborah Klens, Jigen-ryu iai
Kuniko Kinoshita, MJER Jikishinkai iai

Click here for Shinto Hatakage-ryu video

Demonstrating the targets
Mike Castellani and Sachiko Yamauchi square off
Getting inside the range of both weapons
Locking up
Dealing with sune, shin attacks
Not to mention the naginata/kendo grudge match.....

Not to mention the rematch of same on Sunday afternoon.

Click here for an mpg video of kendo vs naginata, an exchange of blows

Click here for another mpg video, kendo from hasso!

Thanks to my co-organizers, Kim Taylor and Ray Sosnowski, all the instructors, and all my panelists - Ray, Peter Boylan, Scott Brady and Lisa Brooks-- for a great weekend.  We trained, we ate, we drank, we slept. Life should be like that all the time <sigh>.

Photos, Kim Taylor

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