The Iaido Journal  June 2000

2000 UG Spring Seminar

The 10th University of Guelph Spring Seminar was a rousing success. Just over 100 students participated in iaido and jodo classes with 5 senior sensei from Japan. Here are some photos taken of the proceedings. Don't worry we didn't include any group shots.
iaido free practice Some students doing free practice in iai. That's Jacques Van Alsenoy from Belgium helping the beginner with his chinagui. In the foreground is Mae Cao, winner of the "fighting spirit" award at the Ontario Open Iaido tournament earlier this spring.
Stephen Cruise Stephen Cruise from Etobicoke looks on during a lull in the action. Look at all that space in the gym. Who says it's getting crowded!
Tom Hooper Tom Hooper from NYC helps some students perfect their form.
The girls The Girls (Toronto and Guelph) go through their paces. They're so competitive!
Jodo class Here's the jodo class all lined up and taking some instructions from sensei.
jodo kihon And here are some beginning jodo students working on the kihon. Let's see we have Montreal, Toronto, Guelph and New York City represented.
Williams and Broderick Here's Patrice Williams being an island of calm as Jeff Broderick takes a good swing at his head.
Williams and Broderick again I'm sure this photo didn't come from the same sequence, but at least Patrice wasn't decked on that move either.
Tsukata and Boylan Peter Boylan (facing) and Kenji Tsukata both trained in Japan but met each other in  Guelph.
Namitome s. and Tsukata Namitome sensei demonstrates a point on Kenji Tsukata. The fat guy in the background is Kim Taylor.
Ide and Namitome s. from Derrick Wallace Ide sensei (left) and Namitome sensei (right) taking a look at the action. Photo by Derrick Wallace.
Ide sensei and student, photo Derrick Wallace Ide sensei instructing a student. Photo by Derrick Wallace.
Ide sensei by Derrick Wallace Ide sensei in a jodo ready stance. Photo by Derrick Walace.

TIN June 2000