TDG - 2000.01

Sample Solutions

Below are a few solutions that were provided to TDG #1. Remember that none of these describe a 'correct' solution, they are just a sample taken from the responses given. You will notice a difference in tactics between them, and the scenario was not all that complex. This suggests that there are many options available to you. After you've read through them, look at the debrief.


Author's Solution

I sink my weight and using my right hand I punch into his chest (not too hard). This will lift his head up, allowing me to put my hand under his chin and lift and push (Aikido ura-nage), thereby dumping him on his back. I sidestep out of the doorway, going away from the window.

I give myself about 20' distance, moving backwards, keeping close to the wall, watching the guy I've dumped. Whilst moving I stow the torch, identify myself loudly and draw my weapon, racking the slide to chamber a round. I use my 2-way to alert my partner and HQ, who I ask to call the police. I ask my partner to bring the vehicle down this side so that we can cover the entrance and use the headlights to illuminate as much of the area as possible.

Whilst I'm doing this I scan the area from the doorway, to the fence and beyond. They were carrying boxes and so must have some form of transportation, and maybe assistance outside. As soon as I've finished on the radio, and ensured that there's no one else around, I try to contact the guy inside, I don't know if he's alone in there, so I am not going to get any closer. 

When guy #1 comes to or tries to get up, I give him the choice of lying on his face, arms stretched until help arrives, or crawling toward me slowly so I can 'cuff him. If he refuses both choices I'm not going to try and stop him from either going back inside, or making a run for it. I will use no further force unless he comes for me or makes a threatening gesture. At that point I will then do whatever seems appropriate.


Solution #2, by Mark Brecht

My first reaction would be trying to disengage, starting with an open hand, then proceeding to whatever force is necessary. While opening the distance I would identify myself verbally, with sufficient volume that my partner can hear me. Furthermore, as I feel reasonably threatened by being confronted unexpectedly at 2am, I would draw the gun (finger off the trigger) and give a verbal warning while backing up. Turning around and running is not an option as he might be armed, and my back provides a good target. From here everything depends on the attacker...


Solution #3, by Jeff Cook

When confronted, make distance, preferably with lateral movement, and shine your light in the faces of the attackers. If they lunge too close and get into grappling range, club 'em with the Mag-lite™, then make distance, but don't try to draw your weapon unless you have enough distance to clear the holster, point the weapon, and chamber a round.


Solution #4, by Mitch Saret

My reaction would be to dodge sideways out of the doorway while sticking my foot out to trip guy #1. If successful, he is now face down on the blacktop and controllable with a foot or knee on the back. If the trip fails my back can be on the wall and now he has to come to me. His partner inside, if I am successful with the trip, is covered with my firearm while using the building for cover. If the trip failed, he has to come out the door and around the corner to get at me...

...I would prefer to shift to the left if possible because of the window, but either side is okay. Sticking to shifting left though, if the trip worked I would try to control with my foot on the guy #1 upper back, not on the neck but just below. My foot could also go on an outstretched hand... I would be getting my partner on the radio having him bring the car around to a position 10-15 feet from the building and facing the doorway. I would also get low as most people do not check a doorway low. This would necessitate shifting my foot control to a knee. As I assumed the kneeling position I would draw the firearm.



Check out the debrief.