Sample Solutions Debrief

TDG Ė 2000.01

Night patrol

By Neil Hawkins

Copyright © 2000 All Rights Reserved

You are a private security guard, and you and your partner are inspecting a warehouse during a regular patrol. The time is 0200hrs. The night is fine but overcast. This is your last stop before finishing your shift at 0300hrs.

You are carrying a Mag-lite™ torch (one of the big security ones). You are uniformed and on your belt you have a holstered H&K USP 9mm. Per company regulations you have a full magazine in the weapon but no round in the chamber. The weapon is on safe. You also have two spare magazines, a 2-way radio, handcuffs, pepper spray, a folding pocketknife and an extendable baton.

The warehouse is rectangular, and measuring approximately 450ft along its long side and 200ft along the shorter one. The building is divided into a number of smaller storage areas, each with its own roll-a-door, normal door and shoulder-high window. The window is barred. Some doors are padlocked while others have standard deadlocks.

An 8ft chain-link fence with three strands of barbed wire on top surrounds the building. There is sufficient room for trucks to manoeuvre inside the fence and lighting is supplied by floodlights atop timber poles every 75ft or so. Some lights are not working and these cast deep shadows. There are also a variety of dumpsters, pallets and cartons in the yard, some of which are stacked against the fence.

The entry gate is at a corner of the facility. At the opposite end of the building a fence stretches from each corner to the perimeter fence. This fence is only 6ft with no wire, and large double gates allow vehicles to get in and out, in both directions. There are normally a couple of three-ton trucks in this compound, but you canít see them from the entry gate.

You leave your vehicle at the entry. Once inside, you and your partner decide to each take a side of the building and meet at the back corner. You lock the vehicle, and start walking the long side. Meanwhile your partner starts on the short side. You have your torch in your left hand and you check the locks and doors with your right.

As you approach the end of the building near the vehicle compound fence, just as you are reaching for a door, it opens and you are faced by a white male, 6ft 2in and 220 or so pounds. Behind him you glimpse at least one other man carrying a box. The first man lunges at you.

What do you do? Why do you do it?

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Sample Solutions Debrief