Vol 2, Feb. 2000

ISSN 1492-1634

Original Articles:

MILITARY: Judo in the US Air Force, 1953 Ed. by Joseph R. Svinth (01/00)

SELF DEFENCE: Crime and Violence in North America: Joseph R. Svinth (01/00)

Reprinted Articles:

CHINA: Strenuous Athletics in China, including Pre-Japanese Jiu-Jutsu: The Literary Digest (12/99)
CHINA: Chinese Soldiers in Settlement: North-China Herald (01/00)

JAPAN: Pen is Mightier Than Sword -- So is Six-Shooter: Japan Times (12/99)

MILITARY: Boxing, Preaching, and Singing in War: Chapin D. Foster (12/99)
MILITARY: Soldiers at Tacoma Army Camp Learning How to Bayonet Huns: Tacoma Tribune (12/99)

MARTIAL ART: Ninjutsu: They Knew All About Poison Gas: Samuel Salone (12/99)

SELF DEFENCE: Damsel v. Desperado By Edith Garrud (12/99)
SELF DEFENCE: Ju-Jutsu as a Husband-Tamer: A Suffragette Play with a Moral: Health & Strength (01/00)


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