Physical Training Feb 2004
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The Fit Life

By Glenn Archambault Glenn Archambault

Work Out Without the Gym

Over the years I’ve continued to hear people complain that they don’t have enough time to workout. I especially hear this of people whose work lives take them out of town or away from a gym. Unfortunately, many of us have more excuses than motivation, such as ‘The gym’s too far away from my hotel’, or ‘It’s too difficult when I’m out of town on business’, or ‘I have to have dinner with a colleague’, or ‘I have had a rough day at the office and I’m too tired.’

Enough of these excuses! Having no access to equipment should not prevent you from getting in to shape or keeping in shape. The following is a 20-minute workout that can be done almost anywhere (including in a hotel room). It will maintain all the gains you have made and more.

CHEST: Place your hands shoulder width apart, put your toes on the floor and legs slightly apart.

Raise yourself up into an arm extended position then slowly lower yourself until your chest almost touches the floor.

As you lower yourself, concentrate on feeling the stretch in the chest. Repeat this push-up as many times as possible but at least 10 times.

SQUATS: (QUADS) Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms folded in front of you.


Squat down as if sitting in a chair. Pause when your thighs are parallel to the floor, then move upward to a standing position. Repeat this move at least 20 times (if possible).

TRICEP PUSH DOWNS: Stand facing away from a desk, chair or a table place your hands onto the table.


Slowly lower yourself until your elbow is bent and your upper arm is at a 90-degree angle. Concentrate on feeling the stretch in the triceps. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

BICEP PUSHUPS: Position your hands slightly closer than shoulder width apart with one hand further forward than the other.

Your arms should be against your body. Lower yourself until your chest nears your hands.

Now extend your arms until they are locked out. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times. Now move the one arm that was forward to the rear position and the rear arm forward to the front position and repeat the exercise.

SIT-UPS (ABS): End your routine by doing at least 40 sit-ups.

Seem easy? If you do this routine every time you are ‘unable’ to work out you will maintain all the progress you have made to date, increase your strength, and feel good about yourself for not missing out on an important part of daily living.

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Glenn is a Certified Personal Trainer who has been involved in sports and fitness all his life. After years in the corporate world he now devotes all his professional time to health and fitness.
Physical Training Feb  2004