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Strive to Achieve
by Lubna Kirvana Strive to Achieve by Lubna Kirvana

Within or Without

Copyright © Lubna Kirvana 2004. All rights reserved.

Here I am again, all, all within and without
I reach close, finally can touch it, am I there, no as I have detached away again,   I have to begin, I have to start all over again
This vacuum needs fire, fire which is not burning right now,
flame which needs to be lid, warm, which need to be found
Is it here, is it there, is it here now
Nowhere, anywhere, lost or found, found and than lost again
Thus, this urge of separation occurs
Why attach when these elements,
These elements donít mix into creation of something new,

Every passing moment this search is manifesting,
manifesting into one singular recognition of true essence of ones own purpose, ones own truth,
When fate has a heavy hand, when struggle is suppose to be embraced
In order to feel contentment, it takes a while to remove
It takes a while to disguise, external smile, internal flow of tears,
dropping one by one, flowing inside, creating a rush of self-control
Letting go, Letting go

Do you cherish this experience which has no connection to your core
You stay, in them immersed, making them part of who you are,
yet you remain something else,
someone who sometimes you cant even recognize,
It all going on, on and on, day by day
Whether you want it or not
Whether you open your eyes or not
It still will be there, its still there, its still here, it still remains

Ego, Control, Power, Desire, Dreams, Hopes, Faith, Envy, Love
All in All, All in, All out

Do you create all this, or is it an automatic function of existence
Do you go with the future, or stay in the mist of evasiveness
Do you put all you have to make it according to your mind,
or is it going to be the way it was always meant to be
Do you question, Do you wonder, Do you crave an answer,
all these questions, are there answers
Are these answers for you to receive in the end,
so you can start all over again, and again

Digging your fingers in the soil, to find an equilibrium of oneself
Change, Movement, Change, Change everywhere
Faces, Places, Voices, here now, gone tomorrow
Leaving you with more answers to seek for these questions
Why are you here now? Where will you go tomorrow?
You attach, You detach, You come, You go

Did you come to give, Did you arrive to take
Did you teach, Did you learn,
Did you stay the same, Did you become more

Will you know, within or without
Will you discover, before you are suppose to
If you do, will you leave, will you turn around
Will you let go, let go of it all
Pain, Desire, Envy, Control, Ego, Sorrow
Leaving only the core, LOVE

Disconnection from oneself, will not bring what you came here for
For one, singular self, you, you by yourself
You come near, You come close, you than have to let go, l
let go to start all over again, and again, within or without

Its not suffering as few said
Its not only Happiness
Itís not exactly fear
Itís not an end
Itís not a beginning
Itís a question, Itís a search for your own answer
Within or without
All within or without you stay, yet you stay in it
In and out, by choice, by fate, by destiny
Yet another question waiting to be answered

Sadness is always felt when you donít know
You try to understand from no needs
You try to understand from the instinctive truth
You try to understand from experience,
from every breath, from every moment

Within or Without
The journey is long
You can sometimes walk through valley of despair
All going down and down, carrying hope in a cloth filled with soil,
Keeping the movement going, Keeping the eyes high up
They might not understand, how you can make them, there is no need to,
As this search is manifestation of one, singular recognition
Recognition of the true essence of ones own purpose, ones own truth

You are here, when you are here
It can be by effect, here by reaction
Here by substance, here by cause
The question remain Why?
Why? For your own truth
For your own eyes
For your own soul
To manifest, to transfer, to further become, to evolve
To further grow, within or without

So you seek validation no more
So you control others, no more
So you stay aware, you fear no more
You do from three eyes
You be from your own truth

You listen, You hear, You wait, You wait a bit more
All shades are meant to be felt, to be within or without

Stay, Be
Being, Staying
Silence can be your speech
Instinct can be your voice

Diffusing the energy everywhere
Distributing the truth all around
Spreading it all around, everywhere
Spreading it like red rose petals on top of muggy water
Moving the stagnation, discovering the stillness, the inner peace
By only removing one petal, feeling it inside, by seeing the deep,
By diving deep, escaping from the muddy surfaces, within or without

Needs, no wants
Wants, no needs
From you or you, less and less, every moment from moment

Sounds can still this deceptive vacuum, created within from previous time
It can grow smaller and smaller, once you know, once you recognize
Its you, only you manifesting one, singular recognition
Recognition of the true essence of ones own purpose, ones own truth

 Till the answers are received, till its your time to know
You pass one sound after the other, one feeling after other
Staying several moments here, few moments there
Connecting with this face, than another
Staying in the light of your own truth
In, Within and Without or Without
It stays, till its time, time to know
Till you remain within or without
Within or Without for now
Within or Without till you find out, till you find out

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