Physical Training Oct 2003
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Strive to Achieve
by Lubna Kirvana Strive to Achieve by Lubna Kirvana


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As I sit in Starbucks, any minute I will be on the floor in a coma, regretting my last instant moments of joy, while I enjoyed every bite of frosty sugar covered popcorn, it feels sooo good in the moment, didnít the Dalai Lama, in his latest sermon say ď Live in the present &  enjoy the  NOWĒ

Hey! I am trying to be spiritual here, ok! OK! excuses for weakness, everybody does it.

Apart from a few common truths among us, like we all desire happiness and everybody is eventually going to die, (ouch! harsh but true), there is another reality all of us face. What is it? SUGAR, we LOVE Sugar, France, India, China or Canada, wherever you go, there it is, SUGAR, whether its in the form of lollipops, bread, fruit, milk, its SUGAR, turning into sweetness in our bloodstream.

We line up for it, we love it, sometimes too much, chocolate, ice cream, cookies,, yum, so when its all so good and delicious, why am I writing all this? And why are you wasting your time to read this?

Because sugar, your childhood friend, can be your lifetime foe, it will take you on a trip to fat land, your intense  love of it can cause stomach digestion complications, itís a rollercoaster ride to a low energy zone, your reluctance to detach yourself from it can eventually result in diabetes or hyperglycaemia.

Assuming  you are well read and  informed on the latest affairs, you finally give it up, the sugar in your coffee, the danishes, muffins and cinnamon buns, A huge flavour you did for the whole of Man- or Womenkind, you feel proud, you feel like a king mentally, but physically, those abs are still bloated, you're feeling drowsy.

Why? You gave up sugar right?

Dr. Atkins, God bless his soul, left some useful research behind,  (please read his book, you will gain great insight on human body mechanics), his knowledge gives us awareness of the fact that sugar is not only in bread, rice or paste, it is also in the form of veggies, beans, and nuts. Although he was an all or nothing kinda guy, NO SUGAR is his rule, (for extremely obese individuals), can we live without SUGAR? The answer is, guess! NO

We need sugar, but in small, really small quantities, per meal, in a different form than you may imagine and be used to, and in amounts depending on your activity level. What form is that you ask?? Vegetables darling, Vegetable all the way, not being a vegetarian but having vegetables as a form of your sugar, you nod your neck when I say that?  Itís hard to believe isnít it? Yes! Protein, Natural fat, and Greens, is what our ancestors lived on, they were strong, they were hard, they had ripped abs without doing 100 crunches or working out in a gym.

If your definition of vegetables are potatoes, peas and corn, please!! Think GREEN think leaves, taste no good in the beginning, but extremely good for you, and you will get used to it, human beings are highly adaptable creatures, never underestimate the power of forming an amazing new habit in 28 days  .

Addiction, WHITE POWDER, whatever form its in, Sugar is addictive, in its simple form, you desire it more, I'm telling you to give up the addiction for better health, longer life, a beautiful body, and high energy,

So! You give it up for a day, swallowing a bed of kale, chewing the chicken breast, your dessert is coffee with stevia (natural sweeter) made from leaves from South America, oh no! more leaves,  Stevia actually tastes good, you can bake with it too.

Back to your day one of giving up SUGAR,  as you enter the coffee shop, you see three Asian thin guys eating donuts, laughing, sipping on sugar beverages, you are disgusted and depressed!! Why are they thin! And laughing! While you are striving to be lean and they are naturally THIN, you are almost reaching for a bagel, frustration is running in your system at this moment, hang on!! Not jumping to conclusions here, life is unfair but not to this extent, sometimes surfaces are deceiving, you donít know those guys who are munching on donuts, what their  cholesterol level is, or chances of future diseases are, some people look skinny, but they are skinny fat people, they have a high risk of diseases like diabetes, stomach disorders, high/low blood sugar, with mood swings. Save yourself from all this drama, and GIVE UP SUGAR (by the way, HONEY IS SUGAR TOO), HONEY!

Whatever age you are at, it only takes a moment to make a life changing decision, GIVE UP SUGAR, in the name of ripped abs. Try it, you will thank yourself for making this decision for the rest of your life.

(Life without sugar, doesnít have to be dull, I have complied more than 500 recipes, from protein sugar free cheesecake to gourmet meals for a guaranteed second date $35.00 for online purchase)

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Physical Training Oct 2003